Heavy Duty Steel Doors

Heavy Duty Steel Doors/Industrial Doors/Industrial Security

Here at Adept we are Manchester’s #1 installers of steel doors, industrial doors, fire doors and panic hardware. Security for your business is imperative and up to 80% of all robberies and burglaries are done through faulty or weak doors meaning businesses suffer financial loss as well as downtime to business.

We install quality steel doors for businesses, hospitals, offices throughout Manchester & Greater Manchester

Should you prefer your steel door to be installed by us we can assure you that our Steel Door Installation Service includes:

All operatives engaged within these work procedures will be suitably trained, experienced personnel.

All works carried out will be under the direct supervision of a named Supervisor.

Operatives will report to site a contact and attend site induction if required.

An Installation Site Risk Assessment will be completed. Once it has been deemed safe to proceed with the installation, work will begin.

Before work begins it will be checked that all parts are present. If more than one doorset is being installed identification numbers of each item will related to each door. The doorsets will be stored as close to the opening as possible in accordance with manual handling guidelines.

Upon completion of the installation the engineers will ensure that all packaging and material off cuts are disposed of appropriately and that the area in general is left clean and tidy.

The client will be shown the door in operation and approval signatures will be obtained.