Slide Automated Doors

Automated doors, both fully automatic and power assisted are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide a solution to compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act but also make it easy for customers to enter and exit your premises; especially the elderly and mothers with small children. Studies have shown that retail units with automatic doors attract more footfall than their competitors who have manual doors.

Automatic sliding doors have been designed for internal and external applications such as offices, retail, shopfronts, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities. Elegant construction and design, combined with innovative control elements and technology ensures a basis for safe, convenient and reliable access.  Automatic sliding doors not only make access easy for all users, but also guarantees reliable closing creating a sense of effortless convenience together with a feeling of security.

Automatic Doors Manchester

All of our products are extremely reliable, low maintenance and are suitable for both single and double leaf doors. Heavy door leaves can be automated through the use of additional heavy duty carriages.

Available in a wide range of configurations including single slide, bi-parting or telescopic. Standard finishes are satin anodised aluminium or polyester powder coated to standard RAL colours.  Other finishes such as stainless steel, coloured anodising or non-standard RAL colours are available upon request. With a wide range of glass options including single or double glazed safety glass, insulated safety glass, tinted or blast proof glass the automatic sliding door is suitable for most applications.

Servicing and repairsServicing is available on a contract basis, or on a one off basis. Whether you are an existing customer or not, Alphamet Maintenance can repair your doors.

Disabled AccessAll business entrances must now meet a miniumum set of requirements as set out by the government in the Disability Discrimination Act. Alphamet Maintenance are experienced in this area, and understand perfectly what is required to make existing and new entrances meet the requirements.

More information is available on the DirectGov website.

All of the products we supply are guaranteed to comply with BS7036 safety standards. Why is this important? Having a safe entrance is good practice. Fingers and hands won´t be able to get caught or jammed, automatic doors will open at the correct speed when someone approaches, and at the correct distance. Small children are detected by automatic door sensors, and doors don´t close when there is an obstruction (for example a small child).

Businesses using entrances not complying to BS7036 can now be fined, and at worst can be taken to court if an injury occurs due to an unsafe entrance.