Please choose from below, we provide Automated Door Systems all over Manchester and the UK. The links below will give you more detail about the specifics of our Door Automation services.

Automatic Entrance Doors

Alphamet Maintenance provide Automated Door Systems along with maintenance and repairs for the following types of doors:

For up & over and sectional type doors we recommend and install the ‘garador’ range of operators. Electric garage door operators may be fitted to existing garage doors or purchased with a new door. Opening your garage door from your car is not only easy, it’s safe too. At the touch of a button, the automatic operator opens the garage door and lights the garage interior. You drive into the garage and the door can then be closed behind you. All without leaving the safety and comfort of your car.

All Garador operators come as standard with two hand transmitters. For additional safety and security, hand transmitters select a code from more than 1 billion possibilities.

The Garamatic operator is an ideal match for your Garador garage doors. The use of intelligent electronics means that on first-time opening and closing, the mechanism automatically adjusts itself to your garage door, removing the need for manual adjustment.

The operators feature a plastic cased motor unit and a toothed belt mechanism for super smooth and quiet operation aided by ‘soft’ start and ‘soft’ stop. They are also maintenance-free, requiring no greasing or oiling so there’s nothing to drip onto your car’s roof.


There are many types of Security Gates & Aut